White Fox produces estate-grown muscadine wines, as well as a variety of other fruit and grape wines. Our home-grown muscadines are what truly make our wines distinct and memorable. Nostalgic and delicate, yet bold and unique, they retain the characteristics sought by both the novice and the seasoned wine drinker looking for something different.


Texas Red

Made from estate grown noble muscadines, this semi-sweet red is as polished as it is playful. Much like the executive that wears sneakers with a suit, this wine is prepared for a fine restaurant but is just as comfortable at a backyard barbecue. 

Texas Field Blend

This red blend is proudly grown in the high plains of Texas. It’s an impressionable wine that is soft on tannins and abundant in character.

Texas White (dry)

Our dry white is a perfect companion for a back porch sunset. Crisp and bright, but given the time to open up, this eloquent white is sure to reveal even more than its first impression. 

Texas White (sweet)

Like our dry white, it is made from a blend of several varieties of estate grown muscadines. Perfect for those seeking their ideal sweet wine. Fruit forward but backs off subtly to reveal the work that went into making this excellent and very different sweet white.

Texas Sweet Rosé

A light bodied rosé with a bold, fruit-forward beginning that quickly lets you know that this wine has a story to tell. Rustic yet somehow soft and balanced and unmistakably muscadine. Our Texas Sweet Rosé celebrates the area in which the fruit is grown.  

Texas Sweet Blueberry

Made from 100 percent local blueberries, this wine is the real deal! We use over two and a half pounds of fruit to produce a single bottle. A deep purple giving way to a medium bodied red color. We are proud of this one. Not too sweet nor heavy, and definitely not the blueberry wine you think you know. Perfect with dessert or a close friend. 

Texas Strawberry

Unlike most strawberry wines, this one is not an artificially flavored grape base fruit wine. That means it taste like fresh strawberries because that is exactly what is in it (over three pounds per bottle). Lightly sweet and jammy, mixed with the perfect amount of fruitiness makes this a must-have at any brunch gathering.

Texas Blueberry Reserve

Unlike the Texas Sweet Blueberry, the Texas Blueberry Reserve is aged additional using French oak. Less sweet than the traditional version and with a little more character, which makes it drink like a traditional bold red wine. The vanilla notes from the oak blend perfectly with the fruit flavor of the blueberry, combining for a completely unique stand alone wine.

Texas Dessert Wine

This is a high ABV port style wine that will surely impress. These locally grown Blanc du bois grapes are aged beautifully in a brand new french oak cast. Its floral beginning blends into a creamy caramel finish. Enjoy with a box of chocolates or after dinner.